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Commercial Use Products Questions

Do you buy commercial vacuums for your business? This information might interest you.
Q: Attracting certain new business will require that we use HEPA filtration. Are these HEPA vacuums?
A: HEPA filtration is standard on Pro-Series Quick Draw vacuums and is an option on other Pro-Series, Cadet Series vacuums. HEPA bags are available on all vacuums, including the eight pound Zoom models.

Q: I'm in charge of hotel maintenance and our rooms have plush carpet. Which vacuum would be best to use?
A: There are many factors to consider when buying a vacuum. Our best vacuum for heavy commercial use on plush carpet is our Pro-Series, which automatically adjusts to your carpet height.

Q: Our facilities have carpeted raised seating areas where I have to lift my vacuum about 18” to clean each level. Do you have a vacuum that won’t break my back?
A: A customer favorite is the back-saving Zoom, weighing in at 8 pounds. But don’t let its light weight fool you. It packs the power of a full-size vacuum, maneuvers easily into corners and under furniture, and is light enough for even a small child to use. Once you use it, you won’t want to put it down!

Q: Are CleanMax vacuums better than big brand name vacuums?
A: Some commercial vacuums are just beefed-up residential vacuums. Add a longer commercial cord, and voila! It’s a commercial vacuum, according to some companies. At CleanMax, we know how to build a vacuum with the durability, functions and features needed for commercial use. CleanMax Pro Series vacuums are built to withstand heavy use and come with the tools needed for the job. They increase your efficiency by giving you easy, one-pass cleaning and automatic carpet height adjustment. Quality engineering – metal handles and cord hooks, metal bottom plate, tough wheels, riveted bumper guards and clean air motors – set us apart from other companies. CleanMax vacuums are built to last.

Q: We clean schools and businesses. Just when we think we’re finished, we have to go back and clean up after Boy Scouts or a late business meeting, so we want vacuums for quick pick-ups. What do you suggest?
A: Sounds like you need something lightweight, maneuverable, and able to quickly pick up crumbs, bits of paper and dirt from carpet or bare floors. The Zoom series vacuum is a great value that won’t break your back or your bank! It’s eager to please with aggressive agitation and powerful suction, perfect for quick clean-ups or vacuuming your tracks at the end of the day.

Q: Do CleanMax vacuums come with a warranty?
A: CleanMax Pro-Series vacuums offer a two-year limited warranty, double what you’ll find on most commercial vacuums. That’s because we’re confident in the quality and durability of our products. All other CleanMax vacuums have a one-year warranty.

Q: Your website doesn’t list prices. How do I find out what something costs?
A: Please contact our distributors for pricing.

Q: I need tools for cleaning stairs, tops of closets and other odd places. What do you offer?
A: The Cadet and Pro-Series vacuums with tools come with three onboard tools and a 10" cleaning reach. The durable metal telescopic wand is standard. The Quick Draw vacuums extend cleaning reach to 12 feet and feature a lightweight aluminum telescopic wand.

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   Do you buy commercial vacuums for your business? This information might interest you.